Practice Locks

Practice Locks

Get practicing, no matter what your skill level or budget, with our huge range of practice locks. Exceptional quality and with a bevvy of raving 5-star reviews, our practice locks are just the ticket to working on your craft. From budget to premium, handcuffs to cutaway practice locks, clear practice locks and everything else in between, we’ve got you covered.

Pick up our most popular Sparrows Progressive Locks set (and check out those reviews…) but snap it up quick because these bad boys are always in hot demand. The four-piece set comes complete with four lock configurations including a two-pin, three-pin, four-pin, five-pin and standard keyway lock. Perfect for beginners, these practice locks help you learn by getting more difficult as you progress.

Next up is our hugely popular and very price-friendly Clear Practice Padlock. Constructed of a clear acrylic casing with a brass mechanism, you can actually watch what is happening inside while you work, meaning you gain a better understanding of lock picking and thus improve your skill level. This is a really great practice lock piece for beginners to get you started in the art of lock-picking.

For those a little more seasoned in lock picking, look no further than the Sparrows Cutaway Practice Lock with Check Pins. With pins that resemble chess pieces and a stack of checkers, this practice lock is made from solid brass and, like all of our brass locks, is able to be re-pinned and is compatible with our Sparrows Reload Kit.

Speaking of, our Sparrows Reload Kit is a unique, nifty little set that allows you to re-pin the Sparrows practice locks you already own. The Sparrows brass locks are designed to be disassembled and rebuilt into a new lock of your choice, featuring spool pins, serrated pins and mushroom pins in the set.

For something a little more risqué, why not try our Practice Handcuff? Great as a fun gift or unique party trick to wow your mates, this cuff features a clear cover so you can see what you’re doing while you attempt to compromise the lock. While handcuffs are illegal in many parts of Australia, our Practice Handcuff’s unique construction and single cuff design mean it’s not a restraint device, rendering it exempt from this law. Whew.

Our wide range of quality, fun and unique practice locks mean you can practice your picks no matter what skill level you’re at or how much cash you have to spend. Delivering practice locks around the country and across the globe too means you can practice no matter where you live.

Every lock pick addict needs practice locks. Get your gear right here, with top-rated products from the most regarded manufacturers, including Sparrows, and Brockhage. We have clear practice locks, practice padlocks, tubular locks, standard pin locks, spool and serrated practice locks and a range of locksmith training products. We are now excited to bring you the repinnable lock exclusive to PickPals. 

  • Clear Practice Padlock

    $USD 32.04 $USD 17.80
  • Sparrows Progressive Locks

    $USD 54.82
  • Clear Practice Lock

    $USD 34.89
  • Sparrows Reload Kit

    $USD 28.48
  • Sparrows Revolver Cylinder Practice Lock

    $USD 63.36 $USD 52.68
  • Sparrows Cutaway Practice Lock – Standard Pin

    $USD 42.00 $USD 27.77
  • Progressive Bundle Reloaded

    $USD 120.32 $USD 77.60
  • Sparrows Cutaway Practice lock – Spool pins

    $USD 30.61
  • High Quality Padlock Shims (Pack of 20)

    $USD 34.89
  • Sparrows Cutaway Practice Lock – Check Pins

    $USD 30.61
  • Practice Hand Cuff

    $USD 32.04
  • Clear Practice Lock (Spool Pins)

    $USD 34.89
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