Lock Pick Cases

Lock Pick Cases

Protect your valuable investment. Lock Picks are very delicate and sensitive tools, not looking after your tools correctly can result in damage. If you’ve outgrown your current pick set and need an expansion grab one of our fantastic and proven lock pick cases.

We have top quality, leather lock pick cases from Peterson, Southord and Sparrow.

  • Multipick Kronos Carry & Storage Case

    $USD 54.12
  • Peterson “The Book” Case

    $USD 101.19 $USD 93.34
  • Peterson G-3 Tri-Fold Case

    $USD 69.81
  • Southord 2010c Pick Case

    $USD 38.44
  • Sparrows Sceptre

    $USD 21.18
    Available on:
  • Sparrows Competitor Case

    $USD 38.44
  • Sparrows Tuxedo Case – Coyote

    $USD 30.59
  • Peterson Masters Tri-Fold Case

    $USD 69.81
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