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    Kronos Carry and Storage Case

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Protect Your Tools With Superior Lock Picking Cases

Nothing feels better than having the right tool at your fingertips, especially when it involves lock picking. To ensure that these delicate tools remain in optimal condition, a safe and reliable storage solution is essential. Enter the world of lock pick cases; they not only keep your tools organised but also protect them from wear and tear.

High-Quality Lock Pick Cases

Leather, renowned for its durability and aesthetic appeal, offers an excellent material choice for lock pick cases. Among our selection are leather lock pick cases from leading brands such as Peterson, Southord and Sparrow. These premium quality cases provide ample space for your expanding set of picks while reflecting a professional image.

For those always on the go, consider investing in the Sparrows Sceptre– your ultimate travel companion designed to easily store a good handful of lock picks and tools. Crafted from CNC tube aluminium, this compact case features a built-in cylinder lock station making it ideal for securing your Sceptre Cylinder Lock (sold separately).

In addition to leather options, we offer robust plastic alternatives like Multipick’s Kronos Carry & Storage Case – perfect if you’re after something more rugged yet equally stylish. This high-quality case boasts custom-fitting foam inserts along with an integrated plastic box complete with a flap cover – providing both secure storage and easy access to all your accessories, including enough space for a plug spinner.

As any experienced locksmith will tell you – caring for your tools is essential! Extend their lifespan by giving them the protection they deserve with PickPals’s top-notch selection of lock-picking cases – whether you prefer leather or other solutions.