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    [eBook] Lock Picking in Australia

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    Flip-it Plug Spinner

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    Pen Style Plug Spinner

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    Flip-It Tool Plug Spinner

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    Plug Spinner

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    Gun Style Plug Spinner

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Revolutionise Your Lock Picking with Plug Spinners

Pro or hobbyist? When picking locks, this tool is a must. Don’t get caught out without your plug spinner. These clever devices come to the rescue when a lock is picked in the wrong direction, saving time and effort by swiftly flipping the cylinder plug without having to pick it all over again. At PickPals, we offer an impressive range of high-quality plug spinners designed for durability and ease of use.

The HPC Flip-It Tool Plug Spinner is a standout choice with its unique 2-Pin Quick Lock/Release feature that enables easy release of rotating action. The sure stop feature prevents overwinding, thereby enhancing tool longevity. Ergonomically crafted, this model comes with knurled knobs for effortless pre-loading of spring action.

Another top pick from our collection is the Multipick Flip-it Plug Spinner – an amalgamation of spring steel and aluminium that promises durability alongside a non-slip silicone handle for a firm grip. Its innovative mechanism allows “shot” release through a gentle push on its activation button – eliminating exertion commonly associated with traditional plug spinners.

If affordability without compromising quality is your priority, then the Brockhage PS-10 Plug Spinner would be perfect for you. This low-cost spinner proves helpful when you accidentally pick a lock into the locked position; instead of going through a re-picking process, use this tool to effortlessly spin the plug towards the unlocked position.

Reliable Performance and Affordable Quality

Remember to turn to PickPals for reliable plug spinning when dealing with locks picked in the wrong direction or when moving plugs across shear lines without re-picking them.

At PickPals, we pride ourselves on stocking only premium brands, ensuring maximum efficiency and user satisfaction. We are Australia’s trusted source for lock-picking equipment, including top-notch lock-picking plug spinner models

Delivering Australia-wide and globally, PickPals is committed to providing superior customer service and high-performance products loved by all. Don’t forget to explore our selection of tension tools, bypass tools and single picks for a comprehensive lockpicking kit.