Flip-it Plug Spinner

Multipick Flip-it Plug Spinner

This product, with its combination of spring steel & aluminium, proved for durability, solid silicon handle, for non-slip guaranty, is an absolute delight to use and an essential tool for any lock picker.


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Multipick Flip-it Plug Spinner

The Multipick Flip-It Plug Spinner – Designed to make life easy.

German Precision

For the new Multipick Flip-It, Multipick did not only concentrate on an extraordinary design but also on the mechanical precision of the trigger system.

Straight shooting

What always disturbed Multipick with the other Plug Spinner on the market is that they tend to tilt when activated, which prevents the free turning of the cylinder core over the dot. This problem is principally due to a careless finish of the trigger mechanism, often coupled with unwieldy fixation of the control element. The engineers of Multipick took over this Problem and found a perfect solution.

The mechanism of the new Flip-It enables the “shot” release, simply through a gentle push of the activation button. The advantage is that you can work without exertion that was generally necessary for other plug spinners… until now.

Built to last

The Flip-It impresses with its highly qualitative Plane aluminium (EN AW-7075) production. This product, with its combination of spring steel, proved for durability, and rubber rings of silicon, for non-slip guaranty, is an absolute Highlight and an essential tool for any Lock picker

Fine precision engineering “Made in Germany” by ©Multipick

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