Professional Locksmith Tools

  • Repinning Tweezers

    $USD 18.23
  • Southord Pick Handles

    $USD 13.86
  • SouthOrd 22 Piece Slim Line Lock Pick Set- C2010

    $USD 64.91
  • Multipick Kronos – Electric Vibrating Lock Pick Gun

    $USD 239.93
  • Sparrows Bump Hammer

    $USD 24.07
  • Sparrows Double Tap Pick Gun

    $USD 79.49
  • Sparrows Plug Followers

    $USD 24.80
  • Peterson Ghost GSP Lock Pick Set

    $USD 90.43
  • High Quality Padlock Shims (Pack of 20)

    $USD 28.44
  • Reverse Action Pinning Tweezers

    $USD 9.48
  • Brockhage BPG-10  Pick Gun

    $USD 57.61
  • Repinning Tweezers – 90 mm

    $USD 18.23

Professional Locksmith Tools

Whether you’re a newbie apprentice to the locksmith trade or an old pro, our wide range of professional locksmith tools from your favourite brands will get your toolkit primed and ready to face the challenges of your workday.

From our highly rated lock pick sets to tap pick guns and everything in between, our professional locksmith tools are among Australia’s favourite for quality, price and selection.

Lock pick sets are an absolute essential in any professional locksmith tool box, with many of our pinning kits featuring a host of sizes of brass top pins, nickel-silver bottom pins, and cylinder cap pins and springs. Search our range to find ones that come complete with sweet cases, and you’ll be re-keying common Australian locks in no time with the added convenience of included packaging to home your tools.

If you’re a beginner to lock picking or an esteemed lock picking professional, the correct professional locksmith tools for your latest hobby endeavour or job are a must-have in any collection. Our huge range covers entry level sets right through to kits for pros, and many come complete with a handy foam-inserted carry case to get the job done practically and in style. We even offer a self-teaching manual on the technique of lock picking to help get your skills on track to lock picking success.

For other highly sought-after additions to your professional locksmith tools, look no further than our wide, international range of products. Our various trusted brands that you know and love are just the ticket if those other professional locksmith tools aren’t cutting the mustard. Made from premium products, our quality tools provide grip, bite, tension and flexibility where and when you need it most, at a great price.

With a huge range of brands, specialties and prices, we’ve got you covered for all your professional locksmith tools. Shipped Australia-wide as well as internationally, our professional locksmith tools are delivered to your door to get you picking with precision and ease throughout your workday.

PickPals is pleased to bring you a range of high-quality Locksmith Tools to Australia.

If you’re a professional locksmith we know your time is valuable. All our products have been proven in the locksmith community, we have selected quality brand tools you’ll need in your toolbox every day along with a range of specialty locksmith products.

Leading locksmith brands such as Petersons, Sparrows and Southord with proven industry experience, made to last after repeated use. Our range of locksmith tools isn’t limited to lock-picks sets, we also have plug spinners, plug followers, plug spinners, pinning tweezers and now introducing LAB pinning kits.

Whether you are an amateur looking for more sophisticated locksmith level tools or a professional locksmith, check out our carefully selected range of high-quality locksmith tools.

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