Bump Keys

Bump Keys

Our specialized range of bump keys, including Australian bump keys made right here in Oz, are a popular tool to add to any kit, no matter your budget, brand or style preference. Used to enable fast access to a lock, bump keys essentially “bump” the key with a little pressure to align the lock pins. Best suited to those with some experience under their belt, bump keys can be a little tricky to master to start with, but once you’ve got the hang of it, open up a world of lock-picking opportunities for the hobbyist to the professional locksmith.

Our super-popular Australian Bump Key Set are cut from either JMA, Silca or Keyline blanks and are suitable for a range of Australian locks, including Lockwood, Whitco and Gainsborough. A bonus set of five round dampeners completes the Australian Bump Key Set, and makes a great addition to any lock-pickers toolkit especially when paired with the Sparrows Bump Hammer.

Suitable for any lock, the Sparrows Bump Hammer is the hammer you need to get your bump job done. It helps things along by improving your bumping action with just the right force and reduces the chances of damaging locks by flexing on impact.

For our American locksmith customers or Australian bump key enthusiasts who have US-made practice locks they want to bump, look no further than the Sparrows Bump Key Superset. This set includes a massive 19 bump keys that cover a wide range of lock types you may encounter.

The Multipick Flexi-Hammer IV is a sweet little tool to add to your bump kit, and works just as well with our Australian Bump Key set. Just like the original flexi-hammer from the beloved Multipick line, this baby has undergone a little facelift and now comes with the added bonus of being able to hit over the doorknob. Light, strong and flexible, hitting over the doorknob is now so much easier, more comfortable and effective thanks to the redesign of the impact head. So for some effective bumping action even in sticky situations like the obstruction of a doorknob, pair your Multipick Flexi-Hammer with the Australian Bump Key set and experience the superior handling and effective action for yourself.

So if it’s Australian bump keys you’re after, hammers or regular bump keys, we have all your requirements covered. We ship Australia-wide and all across the globe too so no matter your location, rest assured we’ll get your bump keys to you wherever you may be.

Bump keys are a very popular tool and a great addition to your set of lock pick tools.

Bump keys allow extremely fast access by applying a small amount of force (or “bump”) to the key while in the lock, causing the lock pins to briefly jump and align. Learning how to use bump keys takes a bit of skill but is well worth the effort.

PickPals has a range of bump keys for all your bumping needs from high quality manufacturers, including those made for Australian locks which are cut right here in Australia. We also have Sparrows bump keys made for American locks, which are ideal for use on our practice locks.

Check out our range of bump keys available at PickPals below.

  • Australian Bump Key Set

    $USD 32.04 $USD 27.77
  • Sparrows Bump Hammer

    $USD 27.77 $USD 23.49
  • Sparrows Bump Keys

    $USD 27.05 $USD 24.92
  • Sparrows Bump Key Superset

    $USD 70.48 $USD 63.36
  • Bump Key Bundle

    $USD 47.85-$USD 69.49
  • Sparrows Motel Keys

    $USD 24.92
  • Multipick Flexi-Hammer IV

    $USD 34.89
  • Sparrows Lock Busters

    $USD 27.77
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