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  • [eBook] Lock Picking in Australia: Lock Picking Laws, Legality and You

    $USD 3.64
  • Easy Pickings: A self-Teaching Manual to the Technique of Lock Picking

    $USD 13.86
  • [eBook] Knowledge is Key: Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Lock Picks

    $USD 0.00
  • How To Open Locks With Improvised Tools

    $USD 21.88
  • The Complete Guide To Lock Picking

    $USD 18.23

Lock Picking Guides

A great place to start. We have a range of lock picking books and guides to help you get started in your lock picking hobby or take you to the next stage! From very beginners learning how to pick a lock, lock picking laws in Australia through to escape techniques. Our books make a great gift idea and the perfect way to learn some new lock picking skills.

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