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Whether you’re new to the lock picking game, a die-hard hobbyist or professional locksmith, you’ll know how essential a wide range of tension tools are to every toolkit. Also known as tension wrenches, flat bars and heavy bars, tension tools come in a range of lengths, styles and shapes to suit any lock-picking

situation. Our quality selection tension tools come with rave reviews from our customers, so check out our brands from Sparrows, Peterson, Multipick and more and treat yourself to a new set to add to your collection.

Our ever-favourite Sparrows Flat Bar Tension Wrench is a must-have product in any kit. Featuring a smooth rounded .025 flat bar as well as four dog ear flat bars of varying sizes, these quality tension tools with teeth offer strength, bite and impeccable control, while representing exceptional value for money.

For something a little more special and a perfect gift, why not try the Multipick ELITE TOK Tension 7 Piece Set, which is all packed up in a very nice genuine leather case. But considering it’s what’s on the inside that really counts, this seven-piece tension tool set packs a punch with three flat tension and four heavy bars, all in superior Multipick quality you know and trust.

For use with tubular locks, the Sparrows Goat Wrench is a double-ended tension wrench cut from .032 steel. A collaboration between the uber-popular Sparrows and Lock Noob, this wrench means you can now single pin pick various sizes of tubular locks.

If a full 18-piece tension tool set is what you’re after, the Sparrows Tension Tool Set is the perfect place to start. Featuring six varying tension wrench styles each in three different widths, this handy set is great for the beginner right through to the professional.

The only tensioner in the world with the ability to adapt to different cylinders, the Multipick Circular Tensioner is the ultimate splurge item to add to your wish list. Its fast, tool-less yet precise change of the lower tension pin means you can exchange your pins for the straight, left-sided or right-sided pins that are conveniently included in the set. Recommended for the beginner and the professional, for manual or electric picking, this intelligent, precise and German-made piece of machinery is hard to beat in quality and functionality.

When it comes to tension tools, our range of tried, tested, cutting edge and unique products are every pick-lover’s dream. Perfect as gifts, a treat to yourself or to simply add to your professional toolkit, tension tools are a vital necessity in any collection. Our quality tension tools are delivered Australia-wide and anywhere around the globe too.

Tension tools, tension wrenches, flat bars, pry bars, torsion bars. Call them what you will, but every lock picking enthusiasts understands, tension tools are the most essential for every lock picker’s toolkit. Whether its flat pry bars or tubular tension wrenches, check out our range of tension tools to help you in any scenario. PickPals is a proud provider of Peterson, Sparrows and Southord tension tools. PickPals has hand picked the best range of tension tools

We continue to add to our range of lock pick products, so check back soon for even more top tension tools for your hobby.

  • Sparrows Flat Bar Tension Wrench

    $ 30.00 $ 23.00
  • Sparrows Heavy Bars

    $ 25.00 $ 14.00
  • Sparrows Comb Bar

    $ 35.00 $ 30.00
  • Sparrows Tension Wheel

    $ 39.00 $ 33.00
  • Peterson Pry Bar Lite – 0.040

    $ 25.00 $ 19.00
  • Sparrows Chaos Card

    $ 49.00 $ 40.00
  • Multipick ELITE TOK Tension Tool 7 Piece Set

    $ 69.00
  • Sparrows Gut Wrench

    $ 25.00
  • Peterson Pry Bar – 0.050

    $ 25.00 $ 19.00
  • Peterson Serrated Tension Tools

    $ 45.00
  • Sparrows Goat Wrench

    $ 25.00
  • Law Lock Tools Tension Wrench – 9 Piece Set

    $ 49.00
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