Tension Tools

Lock Picking Tension Tools

Tension tools, tension wrenches, flat bars, pry bars, torsion bars. Call them what you will, but every lock picking enthusiasts understands, tension tools are the most essential for every lock picker’s toolkit. Whether its flat pry bars or tubular tension wrenches, check out our range of tension tools to help you in any scenario. PickPals is a proud provider of Peterson, Sparrows and Southord tension tools. PickPals has hand picked the best range of tension tools

We continue to add to our range of lock pick products, so check back soon for even more top tension tools for your hobby.

  • Sparrows Flat Bar Tension Wrench

    $USD 21.36 $USD 16.37
  • Sparrows Heavy Bars

    $USD 17.80 $USD 9.97
  • Sparrows Comb Bar

    $USD 24.92 $USD 21.36
  • Sparrows Tension Wheel

    $USD 27.77 $USD 23.49
  • Peterson Pry Bar Lite – 0.040

    $USD 17.80 $USD 13.53
  • Multipick ELITE TOK Tension Tool 7 Piece Set

    $USD 49.12
  • Sparrows Chaos Card

    $USD 34.89 $USD 28.48
  • Sparrows Gut Wrench

    $USD 17.80
  • Peterson Serrated Tension Tools

    $USD 32.04
  • Law Lock Tools Tension Wrench – 9 Piece Set

    $USD 34.89
  • Peterson Pry Bar – 0.050

    $USD 17.80 $USD 13.53
  • Multipick Circular Tensioner TNT-20-V3

    $USD 70.48
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