Sparrows Flat Bar Tension Wrench


Sparrows Flat Bar Tension Wrench

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Sparrows Flat Bar Tension Wrench

One of the most important elements of lock picking is proper tension. A great addition to your set, a true must-have PickPals product.

Sparrows Flat Bar Tension Wrenches are a must-have addition for any lock pick set.

Contains 5 awesome flat bar tension wrenches:

1 x Smooth Rounded .025 flat bar
1 x Dog Ear Squared .032 flat bar
1 x Dog Ear .025 flat bar
1 x Dog Ear .032 flat bar
1 x Dog Ear .04 flat bar

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Sparrow Flat Bar Tension Wrench

These five Sparrow flat bar tension tools some with teeth will provide a different style of control and hold that is often needed depending on the style and condition of the lock.

Are you finding your tension wrenches are too big or maybe you’re not getting the grip you want? Narrow keyways like our euro will make it difficult for standard tension wrenches, make sure you’ve got the right and most important tool in lock picking. or ones with strange

Top of the Keyway

These top of the keyway (TOK) keep small keyways free of obstacles. This set of five tension wrenches is great value for money.

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