Pick Guns

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  • Kronos Electric Lockpick Set

    Kronos – Electric Vibrating Lock Pick Gun

    $ 399.00
  • Double Tap Lockpicking Gun

    Double Tap Pick Gun

    $ 98.00

    BPG-10 Pick Gun

    $ 149.00

    Kronos – Replacement Needles

    $ 49.00

    BPG-25 Semi-Automatic Pick Gun

    $ 129.00
  • Kronos Electric Complete Lockpicking Set

    Kronos Complete Electric Lock Pick Set

    $ 669.99

    Replacement Pick Blade Set for Kronos – 18 pieces

    $ 99.00

    Kronos Carry and Storage Case

    $ 99.00

    Electric Lock Pick Set – E500XT

    $ 249.00

    Li-ion Electric Lock Pick

    $ 429.00

    Kronos – Spare Needle Clamp and Screw

    $ 25.00

    BPG-15 – Downward Lock Pick Gun

    $ 109.00
  • .

    LockAid Pick Gun

    $ 99.00

    Replacement Battery for Kronos

    $ 39.00

    Kronos – Spare Adjusting Screw

    $ 25.00
  • . WENDT

    Electric Pick III Complete Set

    $ 1,049.00

    The Artemis Electric Pick Complete

    $ 669.00
  • . GOSO

    Semi-Automatic Lock Pick Gun

    $ 99.00

Lock Picking Guns

Our wide selection of pick guns ensures we have just the item you are looking for. Whether you’re a hobby picker or professional locksmith, or range of pick guns cater for every budget and requirement and includes pick gun accessories to complete your set. With sweet brands you know and trust, you know you’re purchasing a quality device.

Whether you’re brand spanking new to the art of lock picking as a hobbyist or profession, or you’ve been picking for years, our range of pick guns is sure to have something to satisfy your pick craving. From manual to guns designed to open Australian locks, lock pick guns harness simple physics to easily and smoothly work their magic. By hitting the bottom lock pins with just the right amount of oomph, energy is passed to the top pins creating the gap needed to efficiently open your lock.

For those who prefer a little more automation in their pick escapades, our pick guns with automatic functionality are sure to become a fast favourite. Just check out the 5-star reviews to find out why. An easy pull of the trigger sees the gun strike the pins twice. Needles are easily interchangeable with the turn of a screw and feature a new non-slip design.

For the crème de la crème, check out the big guns that pack a punch and are perfect for professional locksmiths. Modern electrics combine with a high-performance motor to bring you a lock pick gun with all of the fruit. Lightweight and portable, many of our lock pick guns are made in Germany where quality and engineering are paramount.

For all your pick gun needs, whether manual, semi-automatic, or electric, our quality range will get you easily opening a wide range of locks with ease and on a budget that suits you. Our pick guns ship Australia-wide as well as internationally and come with our guaranteed excellent customer service.

A lock pick gun is an essential tool for any lock picking enthusiast to have in their collection.

Otherwise known as snap guns, lock pick guns are effective at picking locks due to the kinetic motion the picks use to hit the pins inside the lock.

We stock high-quality brands of lock pick guns from Multipick, Wendt, Southord and Brockhage so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for money.

Click on our available pick guns below and choose the best one for your budget and skill level.