Automotive Lock Picks

Here at PickPals we had so many requests for automotive lock picks and now PickPals provides a great range of both automotive lock picks for old style vehicle locks and automotive practice locks.

Old school car locks are essentially a wafer style lock that can be rocked, zipped or single picked. Picking car locks is a new skill in itself, while it can be tempting to pick the car doors on your Grandads 1964 EH Holden, it’s not recommended. Grab a set of our automotive tools and practice locks and hone your skills today. Great fun!

  • Sparrows Rockout Keys

    $USD 17.80
  • Sparrows Gridlock – Automotive Practice Lock

    $USD 34.89
  • Southord Auto Jigglers Car Opening Tool – SJG-10

    $USD 27.77
  • SouthOrd Pin Tumbler Lock Jigglers- SDJ 13

    $USD 34.89
  • Multipick VAG – Laser Track Key Set 7 pieces

    $USD 141.68
  • Peterson Automotive Picks

    $USD 42.00
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