Blank Lock Picks

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  • Petereson 10 Piece Raw Scrap Blanks - 0.025

    10 Piece Raw Scrap Blanks – 0.025

    $ 45.00
  • Petereson 10 Piece Raw Scrap Blanks - 0.025

    10 Piece Raw Scrap Blanks – 0.018

    $ 60.00

Craft Your Own Lock Pick Masterpiece

At PickPals, we offer a wide selection of blank DIY lock picks, perfect for lock sports enthusiasts who love to customise their tools and bring their inventive ideas to life. We believe that a personalised touch can seriously enhance the sport. That’s precisely why we provide top-notch blanks and high-quality steel scraps, enabling you to sculpt the perfect lock pick.

Blank DIY Lock Picks For You

Our 10 Piece Raw Scrap Blanks – 0.025 and 10 Piece Raw Scrap Blanks – 0.018 are for those who crave a hands-on approach to lock picking. These blanks are ideal for designing a personalised lock pick. The quality steel we use ensures durability and precision in your custom designs.

Whether you wish to create wider or thinner handles or experiment with innovative creations like our wonder waves, the only limit is your imagination. Who knows, maybe you’ll create the next must-have pick!

Quality Lock Sports Supplies

PickPals is Australia’s go-to provider for top-notch lock sports tools and supplies. Our extensive product selection caters to the needs of every lock pick enthusiast, from novices to seasoned hobbyists. It features the best in brand names, such as Sparrows and Peterson.

Our DIY lock pick range doesn’t just offer you a chance to create your own tool; it allows you to build a personalised connection with the craft.

Shipping across Australia and worldwide, PickPals is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and offering top-notch products. Be sure to check out our lock-pick bundles, carefully curated with our most commonly paired lock-picking accessories. Begin assembling your toolkit today!