Blank Lock Picks

Blank Lock Picks

Ever had a lock pick you loved and thought, I could do this better? Now you can!

PickPals has a range of blanks, scrap and DIY lock picks so you can create whatever your mind can invent.

Blanks and steel scraps offer a blank canvas of very high-quality steel for your to carve as you desire. Create wider or thinner handles or something crazy like our wonder waves.

Our Sparrows DIY lock pick range are designed for those who want to have a go at creating there own lock pick design and are 90% ready with handle. All that is required is the finishing touches to the tip and you’ll have something truly unique.

Who knows, maybe you’ll create the next must have pick!

  • Peterson 10 Piece Raw Scrap Blanks – 0.025

    $USD 32.04
  • Peterson 10 Piece Raw Scrap Blanks – 0.018

    $USD 42.72
  • Sparrows DIY Hook Blanks

    $USD 10.68
  • Sparrows DIY Rake Blanks

    $USD 10.68
  • Peterson 10 Piece Raw Scrap Blanks – 0.015

    $USD 28.48 $USD 21.36
  • Peterson 10 Piece Hand Shorn Blanks – GSP .015

    $USD 34.89 $USD 24.92
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