Lock Pick Sets

Lock pick sets

The very first tool you’ll need to start picking a lock is a lock pick set – and we’ve got the best lock pick sets from the world’s best brands right here at PickPals.

Whether you’re someone who’s new to lock picking, a locksmith or even a pro picker, our lock pick sets have all the essential gear you’ll need. These sets are also the perfect gift idea for your favourite lock picking enthusiast.

When buying a lock pick set – whether it’s your first or fourth – you need durable, quality tools. We stock sets from high quality brands including Sparrows, SouthOrd, Peterson and loads more.

Just starting out? Start your lock picking journey with the popular and affordable PickPals Intro Lock Pick Set, which is perfect for beginners or browse our exclusive range of lock picks Australia and New Zealand-wide below.

  • [eBook] Lock Picking in Australia: Lock Picking Laws, Legality and You

    $USD 0.00
  • PickPals Intro Lock Pick Set

    $USD 20.65
  • PickPals Expansion Pick Set

    $USD 17.80
  • PickPals Intro Lock Pick Bundle Plus

    $USD 88.28 $USD 70.48
  • Sparrows Night School Tuxedo + Edition

    $USD 113.20
  • Sparrows Vorax

    $USD 113.20
  • [eBook] Knowledge is Key: Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Lock Picks

    $USD 0.00
  • Southord Pick Handles

    $USD 13.53
  • Southord Nine Piece Slim Line Lockpick Set

    $USD 39.16
  • SouthOrd 22 Piece Slim Line Lock Pick Set- C2010

    $USD 63.36
  • Southord Jackknife – Pocket Lockpick Set

    $USD 46.28
  • Peterson Ghost GSP Lock Pick Set

    $USD 91.84
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