Jackknife – Pocket Lockpick Set

The Southord Jackknife Lock Pick Set is super handy to have as your everyday carry, one of our best sellers for a reason!

The Jackknife LockPick Set is a compact set of penknife style lock picks made of quality materials for durability. Unlike larger lock pick sets, the Jackknife will fit comfortably in your pocket or key ring for anytime availability.

  • Portable and Functional
  • Lightweight and solid
  • Machined Aluminum handle
  • Great for Every Day Carry

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Southord’s JPXS-6 Jackknife Lock Pick Set, first introduced in March 2000, was designed for portability, quality, and function in one sleek, self-contained tool.   The idea for our Jackknife’s design was inspired by the shape of the handle included in our PXS-17 lock pick set.

  • Portable and Functional
  • Lightweight and solid
  • Machined Aluminum handle
  • Great for Everyday Carry

The Southord JPXS-6 Jackknife Lock Pick Set was first introduced with machined, raw aluminum handles.  Over the years, we’ve since manufactured our Jackknife with featherweight composite handles and with sturdy alloy handles, first painted, then chrome plated, but with this latest version, we returned to our roots.

Like the Original JPXS-6 Jackknife, our new generation Jackknife Lock Pick Set features a lightweight and durable precision-machined aluminum handle.  Our new handles, however, been run through our signature finishing process for rounded, smooth edges, and have been anodized a matte black for a sleek finish.

Sleek and compact

Our new JPXS-6 features U.S. stainless steel lock picks (0.020” thick), knurled stainless steel screw and a stainless tension tool, which slides into the handle for a sleek, compact fit.  The set also features a Lucky Line brand Flex-O-Loc keyring.  Actual size 3 1/2″” long and 1/4″” thick.

Also called Jack Knife

Army Origin

Originally designed by the army, the jackknife has undergone a number of revisions and is a very handy (no pun intended) tool to have. Wack one in your tools box, in your pocket and take it while out in the field.

Made in the U.S.A by Southord.


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