Night School Tuxedo + Edition

Go all in with the Sparrows Night School Tux +

If you’re looking to get into lock picking it doesn’t get much better than the Sparrows Night School Tux + edition.

Everything you need to teach yourself how to pick locks, a great selection of very high-quality picks, heaps of tension wrenches, and every practice lock you’ll ever need all wrapped up in one awesome case.One of our best selling kits. If your looking to get into lock picking it doesn’t get much better than the Sparrows Night School Tux + edition.

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Sparrows Night School Tuxedo + Edition

Everything you need to teach yourself how to pick locks, a great selection of very high quality picks, heaps of tension wrenches, and every practice lock you’ll every need all wrapped up in one awesome case.


  • 7 Picks with thermal handles
  • 6 tension wrenches
  • 3 locks
  • Quality Sparrows Pick Case

The Night School Lock Pick set has 7 very high-quality locks picks with thermal handles, nice and comfortable when learning to lock pick. 6 tension wrenches, needed to hold tension on the lock.

This set comes with three 3 locks of various difficulty to help you progress with your lock picking. The cutaway locks allow you to understand how to manipulate the locks whilst learning, at the same time providing a very realist feel. The best part is these locks can be re-pinned with the reload kit to make your own crazy combinations.

All wrapped up in this beautiful quality Sparrows Pick Case.

The Sparrows Night School Tux Edition, grab one for yourself or as a gift, a truly great set. PickPals recommended!


  1. 7 lock Picks
  2. 6 tension wrenches
  3. Beautiful Case
  4. Standard Pin Lock,
  5. Serrated Pin Lock
  6. Spool Pin Lock

All the lock picks come with thermal handles which are soft on your fingers when learning whilst giving great feedback as you advance your skill.

The locks are all right-hand cutaways each with different styles of pins. The locks include standard pins, serrated pins, and spool pins. Cutaway locks have a window that lets you look at the pins as you pick the lock.

Mug not included.


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