The Ultimate Lock Pick Bundle


The Ultimate Lock Pick Bundle

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Sparrows Vorax
$ 129.00

1 x Sparrow Vorax

What happens if you cross the Sparrows Wizwazzle and the Russian Olympic team - The Sparrows Vorax. Seriously jacked up!

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Sparrows Progressive Locks Buy
$ 89.00

1 x Sparrows Progressive Locks

This set comes with 4 lock configurations,  including a 2 pin, 3 pin, 4 pin and 5 pin standard keyway lock.

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Sparrows Reload Re-pinning Kit
$ 49.00

1 x Sparrows Reload Kit

Sparrows brass locks have been designed to be re-pinned. With the reload you can disassemble our brass locks and rebuild then into something new.

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Pickpals repinning Tweezer
$ 25.00

1 x Repinning Tweezers

Our repinning Tweezers are not only well made, with 'devil horn' ends perfectly sized to hold your lock pins.

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Sparrows Heavy Bars
$ 25.00

1 x Sparrows Heavy Bars

Nothing worse than being almost there and then you slip. The extra thickness of these Sparrows heavy bars will ensure you have maximum control.

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Easy Pickings - Guide Book
$ 19.00

1 x Easy Pickings: A self-Teaching Manual to the Technique of Lock Picking

Easy-to-understand lock picking manual that covers the basic types of locks.

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PickPals Ultimate Lock Picking Bundle

Over $250 of Value

For the person that wants the best and doesn’t mess around. Go from beginner to pro with our Ulitmate Bundle.

What you get

  1. The very hot Sparrows Vorax,
  2. 4x progressive locks and
  3. The Reload kit to modify your locks as your skills improve
  4. Repinning Tweezers for creating your own monster practice locks
  5. Sparrows Heavy Bars for the tight spaces
  6. Easy Pickings Guide Book to help you along the way

This really is the all-inclusive kit you will ever need!

EXPRESS Shipping, straight to your door. Save $$$!

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The Ultimate Lock Pick Bundle

Everything you need to learn lock picking!

This kit is perfect for beginners or those who are looking for the ultimate upgrade. Start out picking the progressive locks, then rip them apart, see the moving parts and re-pin your locks with the reload kit. Change out the pins for a serious challenge with the included spool and serrated pins.

The Ultimate Upgrade

The Ultimate Bundle will take you from beginner to pro. With this pack, you’ll understand how locks work as you create our own MAD challenge security pin locks. If you’re looking to upgrade and these tools to your kits for an unbeatable price. Exclusive to PickPals!


  1. The awesome Vorax. Since it’s release it has been on fire!
  2. 4x Progressive lockset
  3. Reload Kit
  4. Repinning Tweezers
  5. Sparrows Heavy Bars
  6. Easy Pickings Guide Book
  8. Free* Global Shipping – International tracking included!


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