PickPals Expansion Pick Set

PickPals Expansion Pick Set

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Note: This set isn’t intended to be used on its own, it is intended to be used in conjunction with the PickPals Introductory Set.

The PickPals Expansion set is the perfect next compliment to the PickPals Introductory Set. This set provides three additional picks and one additional tension wrench.

This set is comprised of:

  • City Rake – An improved rake design which can pick certain locks very quickly
  • Long Feeler – A feeler with a longer head, perfect for picking smaller locks or locks with more complicated keyways
  • Ball Pick – This pick will be beneficial for picking dual sided wafer locks
  • Dual Prong Tension Tool – A pick designed to pick dual sided wafer locks, you can use the ball pick in conjunction with this tool
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