Sparrows Double Tap Pick Gun

Sparrows Double Tap Pick Gun

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The Sparrows Double Tap Pick Gun is designed to easily open Australian locks by hitting the bottom pins of a lock with such force that they pass the energy on to the top pins creating a gap between the bottom and top pins. – It’s Simple physics.

1 x Sparrows Double Tap Snap Gun
1x Beautiful Case
3 x Tension Wrenches of Varying widths
3 x Standard Needle Pick
1 x Bent Needle for low and tight working areas
1 x Long Needle

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Sparrows Double Tap Pick Gun

Recently upgraded and improved!

Double the Trouble

Designed to easily open both Euro and Australian locks, the Sparrows Double Tap Pick Gun does just as it suggests – it packs double the punch.  With a specially configured trigger, the snap gun can hit once or twice depending on the length of your trigger pull.

I’ll be straight up!

The best part if this Pick gun is its true vertical drive. Original snap and pick guns worked with a pivot point to snap the needle and hit the pins inside the lock.

With the Sparrows Double Tap Pick Gun the entire needle is moved vertically and improves the timing of that kinetic energy hit to the pins. Where you really notice the difference is with six pin locks and narrow keyways like that of the Euro.

Also added is a thumb turn knob for attaching the various needles – this allows you to add or swap out various needles in the field with ease.

All that and it comes with a beautiful Hard Case.

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