High Quality Padlock Shims (Pack of 20)


High Quality Padlock Shims (Pack of 20)

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High-Quality Padlock Shims

An easy way to open many padlocks is to utilise Padlock Shims. Made of very thin spring steel, they come in several sizes to fit the contour of the hasp of the lock. Just push one down between the hasp and the body of the lock and twist to disengage the locking mechanism. Set consists of 20 shims.


Southord Padlock Shims

Don’t waste your time with the cheaper alternatives, we’ve tried them and there is no way we would sell them to you. The Southord Padlock shims are fantastic.

Bend like the Willow

The Southord Padlock shims are strong yet flexible enough to get where they need to and get the job done.

The metal material is strong enough to be reused and this box of 20 will keep you going for a while.





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