Clear Practice Lock


Clear Practice Lock

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Learn the workings of locks and lock picking with this quality clear practice lock.

This clear practice lock  is a great quality training lock for newbies. The transparent practice core lets you see exactly how the pin tumbler lock works, and get a feel for manipulating the pins.

standard pin lock the high-low biting of the pins provides that edge of difficulty for those who want a challenge.

Difficultly level: 5

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Clear Practice Lock

This see-through pin-tumbler clear practice lock lets you see what is happening while you attempt to compromise the lock. You will gain a better understanding of how and why a lock can be picked and how your actions manipulate the pins – improving your own performance at locking picking.

Making Learning to Lock Pick Easier

PickPals endorses this practice lock as a learning and educational tool, whether its sitting on the couch watching a movie or you just want to zone out, this lock will keep you entertained for hours. This lock is keyed in a difficult manner, with alternating high and low pins, this fact means that the lock is difficult to pick despite the visibility. Great value for money.

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