Sparrows Progressive Locks


Sparrows Progressive Locks

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Sparrows Progressive locks

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4 Piece Set of Practice Progressive Locks!

This set comes with 4 lock configurations,  including a 2 pin, 3 pin, 4 pin and 5 pin standard keyway lock.

The Progressive locks set of 4 progressive system represent extremely good value, with no cutaway window the locks are excellent for improving your feedback and motor skills without relying on your sight, just as you would experience in the real world.

A progressive lock set, help you learn to lockpick by providing locks that get progressively harder.

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Sparrows Progressive locks

Go Zero to hero with these awesome new locks

Sparrows Progressive locks are a great way to learn lock picking or improve your skills.

Progressive locks work by gradually increasing the number of pins that are inside a lock.

No Peeking

These locks differ to our other practice locks as there is no pin windows, so no peeking. Excellent for improving your feedback and motor skills without relying on your sight, just as you would experience in the real world.

This way you can increase or decrease the difficulty to picking that lock. A two pin lock is much easier to pick than a five pin lock. This set comes with 4 locks: 2 pin, 3 pin, 4 pin and 5 pin.

Handy for trying different styles of picking also, start by raking and then move on to single pick picking and take your skills to the next level. Transitioning from raking to single pick picking can feel overwhelming, this is where the progressive locks can really help with this progression.

Stop and reload

These progressive locks have been designed to give you endless learning. The casing can be stripped allowing you to repin the locks with the addition of the reload kit. What does this mean for you? Taking the progressive locks apart and re-keying the locks, you’ll develop a great understanding of how the lock/pin combination works, allowing you to visualise the internal components as you lock pick. The reload kit is a great addition to the progressive locks, we’ve even made our own exclusive bundles so you can save. Check out our hot Ulitmate bundle!

Amazing value for money.

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