Reload Kit

Sparrows Reload Kit

What a great idea! Take the locks you already have to the next level with this handy little reload kit from Sparrows.

Take the locks you already have to the next level with this handy little reload kit.

Sparrows brass locks have been designed to be re-pinned. With the reload you can disassemble our brass locks and rebuild then into something new.


  • Spool Pins,
  • Serrated pins
  • and Even MUSHROOM pins are in the set.

Also included are 4 keys that come with 4 different and difficult picking scenarios.

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Crack The Code With Sparrows Lock Picks!

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced locksmith, Sparrows lock picks stand out with their unique blend of quality, functionality, and value. At PickPals, we proudly supply these state-of-the-art lock-picking tools designed to cater to all skill levels and scenarios.

Sparrows has established itself in the market with its high-quality lock picks made from American-made 301 Cold Max steel. This steel is crafted for special applications that require exceptional strength and hardness. Whether you want to learn or improve your lock-picking skills, Sparrows offers everything you need to master the art.

Explore A Wide-Ranging Collection

At PickPals, we offer a wide range of Sparrows lock picks and tools, including practice locks, lock pick sets, repinning tweezers, tension wrenches, and lock pick guns. Each piece is perfectly manufactured, ensuring a comfortable and effective lock-picking experience.

The Sparrows Progressive Locks are suitable for both beginners and experienced locksmiths. They feature a unique design with no pin windows, providing an authentic picking experience. They are excellent tools for enhancing feedback and motor skills without relying on sight. These lock picks are ideal for transitioning from raking to single-pick picking. 

Sparrows’ Reload Kit – a comprehensive re-pinning kit – is also perfect for beginners and budding lock sports enthusiasts. Equipped with pins, springs, followers, and pinning mats, these kits are a great addition to your lock-picking gear at an unbeatable price.

At PickPals, we are committed to providing high-quality Sparrows lock picks that deliver superior performance. We ship daily within Australia and worldwide to over 50+ countries.

Explore our range of Sparrows lock picks and tools today and discover exceptional quality.


Sparrows Reload – Repinning Kit

What’s great about this little kit is it has everything you need, pins, springs, followers and pinning mats, and is a great addition for such a low price for beginners or the budding lock sports enthusiasts.

The PickPals team loves how you can see how the high-low of the pinning impacts the difficulty and security of the locks and you can relate your keys to the real world!

Why does this matter?

High low situations tend to be what give most pickers the biggest headaches. What often happens in these situations is that while trying to set the high pin you over lift the low pin with your pick. When you intended to only pick one pin you end up picking two – and one of them you put above the sheer line.

Sparrows Reload Kit Includes:

The Reload set consists of everything you need to make your own challenge locks and learn about security.

  1. One resin plug follower that lets you remove the tail cap and remove the lock core.
  2. Two Mini Pinning mats to hold all the parts
  3. Four Keys with the 21 bottom proper pins (properly separated and bagged)
  4. Five tail cap pins and springs
  5. Fifteen main pin Springs
  6. Ten Spool Pins
  7. Ten Serrated Pins
  8. Ten Mushroom Pins
  9. One Metal tin to hold it all together.


  1. Red – Low High Low Pinning
  2. Green – High Low High Pinning
  3. Black – Make your lock a 6 pin lock – yes all our brass locks are already drilled for a 6 pin picking.
  4. Blue – Big Raker – high to low


Make sure you grab a set of the king pin tweezers to make placing pins much easier.

How-to repin with your reload kit

Check out the video above @ the 4.15-minute mark or check the video below!


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