Repinning Tweezers – 90 mm

Repinning Tweezers – 90 mm

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Repinning Tweezers

Our repinning Tweezers are not only well made, with ‘devil horn’ ends perfectly sized to hold your lock pins. These specifically designed pinning tweezers are a must-have tool for reassembling any lock and fit perfectly in the hand for precise work.


  • Non-magnetic
  • ‘Horned’ tip
  • Pro Grade stainless steel
  • Slim Profile
  • Perfect for holding and placing pins, springs and other small parts.

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Repinning Tweezers – 90 mm

These tweezers are non-magnetic and perfect for holding and placing pins, springs, and other small parts. Made from a Pro Grade stainless steel they will not flex or bend. With a slim profile, these tweezers can re-load driver pins from inside the cylinder.

The King of the Pin

Our repinning tweezers have a specially curved tip allowing you to grip all those devilishly small lock components.

A Must Have

You won’t know how you lived without these amazing tools. Trying to re-pin locks without these little guys is very hard and using standard tweezers can be almost impossible, the Sparrows King Pin tweezers with their unique design will take the frustration of dropping pins.

1x Repinning Tweezer – Size: 90mm

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