Practice Locks

Practice Locks

Every lock pick addict needs practice locks. Get your gear right here, with top-rated products from the most regarded manufacturers, including Sparrows, and Brockhage. We have clear practice locks, practice padlocks, tubular locks, standard pin locks, spool and serrated practice locks and a range of locksmith training products. We are now excited to bring you the repinnable lock exclusive to PickPals. 

  • Clear Practice Padlock

    $USD 32.04 $USD 17.80
  • Clear Practice Lock

    $USD 34.89
  • Sparrows Progressive Locks

    $USD 50.18
  • Sparrows Reload Kit

    $USD 28.48
  • Sparrows Revolver Cylinder Practice Lock

    $USD 63.36 $USD 52.68
  • Sparrows Cutaway Practice Lock – Standard Pin

    $USD 42.00 $USD 27.77
  • Progressive Bundle Reloaded

    $USD 120.32 $USD 98.96
  • High Quality Padlock Shims (Pack of 20)

    $USD 34.89 $USD 32.04
  • Practice Hand Cuff

    $USD 32.04
  • Sparrows Cutaway Practice lock – Spool pins

    $USD 30.61
  • Sparrows Cutaway Practice Lock – Check Pins

    $USD 30.61
  • Clear Practice Lock (Spool Pins)

    $USD 34.89
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