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Guide to Picking Your Perfect Gift Bundle

Well this is your chance to spoil someone special or maybe even yourself, get yourself that shiny new set you have been waiting for – or maybe a chance to upgrade your hardware and enjoy old favourites.

And that means there’s plenty of potential gifts for the friend, family member or partner in your life.

So you want to purchase a lockpick set for someone for Christmas? Great idea!

Intro Bundle Plus$129

  • Intro Lock Pick Set with leather case.
  • PickPals Expansion Set
  • Clear Practice Lock 
  • Easy Pickings Guidebook
  • BONUS: Rubber Handles!
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Sparrows Night School$159

  • 7 Picks
  • 6 Tension Tools
  • Zip lock Expandable Case
  • 3x Re-pinnable Brass Locks
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There are many types of different pickers, whether you’re looking for a newbie or wanting to grab them an upgrade, we have a package for everyone. Some are the competitive type; others like their picking to be a soulful relaxing affair, other just want the satisfaction of knowing they can do it. In this guide I'll break down a couple of options for those different types of people, one for those who are trying to keep spending down, and another for whom money is no object (relatively speaking).

Buying your first set or for someone else may seem overwhelming. In this guide, we'll make it easy. To put it simply, you need lockpicks, some tension tools and locks to practice.

With these three bundles, you can't go wrong. Pick sets are like any toolset, you can add to it, grow it and get specialist tools. These three are a great foundation and will get you or your giftee on the way to lock picking success.

I won’t go into the benefits of we have covered that here…Well, the below give you a small understanding of what your getting and the benefits,  to ensure you get the perfect pick this Christmas.

Let's start with our PickPals Intro Bundle...

PickPals Into Bundle Plus


We took our most popular items and bundled them to help you save. Included quality tools and a beautiful double stitched leather case, acrylic lock and easy pickings guidebook.

This is a fantastic, unique gift that is sure to create a buzz, and get them opening their first lock. These tools are all you need to get started and nothing more. You can even purchase handles and give thee picks an upgrade.


  • Great price point.
  • Everything needed to get started.
  • The clear lock is a real hit!

Sparrows Night School Tuxedo Edition (Our Pick!)


The all in one kit is a top seller at and you can see why. With it’s beautiful tools and 3 solid brass locks,  all wrapped up in one tough case. Play at home, pack it up and take it with you.

Great for taking with you on the go or around to a friend’s house. This set perfectly aligned with the new budding lock.  The newly released version too is adding the strength of the previous version. The new version includes easy to hold locks, made of solid brass, you can really see and feel the quality.


  • Includes 3 locks of varying diffculty
  • Locks can be re-pinned and re-built
  • All in one convenient case

The Ultimate Bundle


Want to go to level 70 wizard? Want to learn how to make stupid ridiculous hard locks? Introducing our Ultimate. For those who know what they want.

We took one of our best sets, took some great locks and supercharged it with the reload kit. Whether it is an upgrade or for the newbie who knows what they want and doesn’t mess around this is the set. Not only can you learn, but with the addition of the Reload Kit, you can learn how locks really work and how to re-pin and build the ultimate. This gives you endless combinations.

It’s the higher end but you get a lot for your money, they’re so much in this kit you won’t need to get the giftee anything else, they'll be chuffed to bits with what this set can do.


  • Super HOT Vorax
  • Lock Picking Manual
  • 4 Progressive Locks
  • Reload – re-built the ultimate locks
  • Bonus – Tweezers
  • Exclusive to Pickpals

Free Shipping

Don’t forget all these bundles have free standard shipping to Australia and New Zealand so you know you’ll be wrapping your new picks in no time!

Get Behind Michael Maynard’s Gorilla Picking

Many of you will be familiar with MH Maynard and his amazing gorilla lock picking skills. Here at PickPals, we thought we’d get to know him a little bit better with a little interrogation of our own.

We put out any questions you may have to the Australian Lock Sport Guild and got some great questions that we put to Michael.

The answers are great reading and inspiration for your picking.  Like how Michael learnt to pick, his favourite locks to pick and where the future of security is heading.

Lets get to the questions…

I like Mul-T-Locks in general, and the Mul-T-Lock MT5+ in particular, no doubt about it. I love the precision that pin-in-pin dimple locks demand, and  Mul-T-Locks are the best of all of the brands available - they are engineered to amazingly fine tolerances so there's just no room for error. The MT5+ has the sidebar as well so to beat that thing you need to be incredibly precise with both pin in pin dimple picking AND sidebar slider picking. The other thing I really like about picking dimple locks is that dimple picks are amazingly personal - you can't just buy one and start picking.

 You have to go through a process of buying and modifying commercial picks until you find the shape that works for you, and I really enjoy that.  A pick that works for me, probably won't work for you in the same lock - you have to evolve your own style and technique.

Sparrows Tron
But more specifically...I'd just like to see more manufacturers do the basics very, very well. A standard six pin lock made to good tolerances and with a few security pins plus a tight paracentric keyway provides FAR more security than the average domestic or commercial consumer is ever going to need...and costs very little more to make than a lock with a wide open keyway and standard pins. Which is easier to pick? A German six pin DOM, or a six pin Lockwood with a C4 keyway?  I'd be willing to bet that the DOM costs barely a few cents more than the Lockwood to produce.

I've never even seen one, only heard about them.  This is one of the best things about lockpicking - no matter how good you get, there's always one more difficult lock to beat...


Pick of the Month: Movember

In case you’ve been living under a lock for the last 15 years (see what we did there?), Movember – curiously held during November - is a month where dudes around the world grow their best moustache to raise awareness for men’s health.

The cause aims to raise much-needed funds and promote education and awareness of various areas of men’s health, in particular prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Yikes. It’s serious stuff that needs serious moolah to help guys stay alive and healthy.

How does Movember work?

Mo, flavour saver, cookie duster, caterpillar. Whatever you call it, the humble moustache has made a bit of a comeback thanks to Movember, which sees guys growing theirs all November long. Tracking their progress with pics on Instagram and Facebook, mo’owners get their family and friends to sponsor them in their mo-growing quest, with all funds raised heading straight to men’s health research. It’s usually then a big affair when the mo’ gets shaved off come December 1.

So how the heck is Movember relevant to lock picking?

We thought you’d never ask! Well, ongoing research suggests that working with your hands and solving various types of puzzles may have many benefits and positive effects when it comes to the brain and mental health. Additionally, some of our customers have told us how relaxed they can become when they are lock picking, and that they often pick locks to calm nerves, ease anxiety and reduce stress levels. Given a lot of our customers are male, (and Movember is all about helping guys stay strong and healthy, right?) it seems quite fitting that we discuss lock picking as a potential way to boost feelings of wellbeing, mindfulness and better health.

“Lock picking is a form of therapy for me I have multiple mental illnesses and its become a wonderful aide and helps me cope with certain conditions.”(sic) - Cobra6460 (Reddit)

Don’t just take our customers’ word for it

We’ve scoured forums and found fellow lock pickers across the globe feel the same way as some of our customers, citing they find it “therapeutic” and even “meditative”. Who knew?! Here’s what some had to say…

“I find picking to be a form of meditation. I'm usually alone in a quiet room just listening to the pins.” (sic) - Pikmor (Reddit)

Now, we are definitely NOT suggesting you go out and swap your current stress relievers/medications for lock picking. We just love that some of our customers and fellow lock pickers can practise and benefit from mindfulness by picking locks, and hopefully you might too.

PickPals, You and Movember

If you’re keen to jump on the mindfulness bandwagon and start reaping the mental and physical benefits that lock picking may offer, why not try our Sparrows Night School kit. For the month of November only, we’ll be donating a portion of all of our profits from the sale of each of these kits to Movember - so get in quick while stocks last to support a great cause.

Sparrows Night School Tuxedo Edition

  • Sparrows Night School Tuxedo + Edition

    $USD 115.96
  • Sparrows Night School Tuxedo Plus Bundle

    $USD 145.13

If you are depressed or require assistance with mental illness, help is available.

Call Lifeline on 13 11 14, Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 or Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467.


If a life is in danger contact 000 immediately.

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