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Pickpals and I were talking about lock picking in general, and in particular, about all the questions that come up an awful lot.

We’ve both been around picking locks for a long time, and what we noticed was that a lot of guys have questions that it’s very difficult to answer just with words. It’s much easier to show you a video like this that gives you a better explanation.

What we decided we’d do is put together a series of a whole bunch of little videos, each one of which covers just one really simple aspect of lock picking.

I’d like to go through and watch each of these videos. You’re going to learn one tiny little thing on each of them. That’s great. That’s exactly what they’re designed to do. Once you’ve done that, start asking us more questions. There’s no such thing as a dumb question.

Watch these things as many times as you need. Soak in the bits that you need to soak in, and then start asking PickPals or myself about more stuff.

You can contact PickPals through the PickPals website, obviously. My name is Michael Maynard, and I have a YouTube channel under that name. You can ask me a ton of questions there, too. Get into this, guys, and enjoy learning some stuff.

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