Frequently Asked Questions

Well picked up, these sets are very similar. The difference in the 9 pce set is the thickness of the Picks. They are able to get into narrower keyways and have thicker metal handles which provide great feedback. The intro set is a PickPals exclusive set put together by us and has everything you need to get started at a great price. We offer the intro as a great entry point with the option to expand later. Both the nine pce set and our intro set are top sellers, made in the us by Southord.  
First up, track your parcel on the Australia Post website (or the New Zealand Post website if you’re in New Zealand). You’ll find your tracking code in the shipping confirmation email or alternately, log in to PickPals and see the status of your order. If things aren’t making sense in the tracking, we’re happy to help out. That said, due to restrictions with Australia Post, we can’t get any answers until the package is more than three days late if ship express or seven days late if standard shipping based on the shipping times. That means if we were sending to Sydney via Regular Post, more than 9 days need to have passed before we can get answers about what’s going on. We know it’s not ideal, but we have to play by Australia Post’s rules, especially at busy times of the year like Christmas and Easter. So if your package is more than three days late if ship express or more than seven days late if standard shipping, drop us a line and be sure to include your name, order number, tracking number, and contact information so we can find out what’s going on for you. If you ordered a backorder product with other items the order will be processed as a single order, we may be waiting on the items to arrive. Check the stock to see if the back ordered item is now in stock.
What are your shipping times? All of our stock is held in Australia saving you waiting weeks for items to come from the US/Canada. We ship directly from our warehouse to you, with a free registered post in Australia. We also ship to New Zealand FREE of Charge! Please note that a registered post does not guarantee tracking and is used to confirm sending and delivery of items.
As a reminder, you can review our delivery reference table below:
Please Note: At PickPals we do our best to get your Picks to you ASAP. The following times are based on our current estimations. When you track your parcel, the update 'Received by Australia Post' means it has left Perth, not that it is being held in Perth.  e.g. Tracking will show. *Please note that we cannot investigate the whereabouts of your order until the times displayed in this table have been exceeded. i.e. If you are in Brisbane, please do not contact us asking the whereabouts of your parcel until 6 business days (Business days are Mon-Fri) have elapsed.
The tracking status 'pending – no events yet’ means that the item hasn’t been scanned yet. This could be because of it: hasn’t been posted yet, OR it's taking a little longer for Australia post for its first scan, OR was part of a bulk mailing where items have been posted over the counter in bulk but not scanned yet. Please try tracking your item again in 24-48 hours. PickPals posts your lock picks all over Australia and the globe as fast as we can, providing superior customer service. Some of these events may be out of our hands but we won't leave any stone unturned to ensure your package of quality lock picks and accessories arrive in a timely manner.  
The Tracking number is entered automatically. Occasionally, Australia Post changes the reference numbers and what is scanned will show incorrectly. Simply use the last 12 digits of the code. For example: Tracking Number 01495170851017 should be 495170851017.
Like any good product there are clones on the market. We strictly stick to products we believe are good quality and fit for purpose. Our Lock Pick sets are genuine from reputable US manufacturers, of course a clone doesn't mean it is bad quality, we can't really comment on the clones as we don't use them ourselves. We can however say there is a lot of engineering, trail and error that goes into any good quality picks. Found a cheaper price? We definitely don't want to discourage people from finding other deals, so its always appreciated when this other stuff is pointed out!
The progressive locks are great, we really like these as a base to start. The progressive locks give you less pins so you can start to feel your way around a lock and slowly move up to more pins. The clear locks are great and are slightly better quality which is reflected in the price. Some beginners use a combination of progressives and clear to get them started. Either lock will keep you busy for a long time.
We offer only the best quality products and superior customer service. We were the first online shop selling Lock Picks in Australia and New Zealand, we are here to stay! PickPals is actively involved in the Lock Picking community and supports a number of organisations around Australia and New Zealand.