Southord Tubular Lock Picks – 7 and 8 pin Set

Southord Tubular Lock Picks – 7 and 8 pin Set

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Tubular lock picks are precision tools designed to open standard 7-pin and 8-pin center Ace-type locks, which are more sophisticated than standard pin tumbler locks. While these locks are generally more secure than pin tumbler locks, with the right equipment, they can be compromised easily.

The inner diameter of our tubular measure 0.316”/0.318” (8.026mm/8.077mm), and the outer diameter measures 0.370” (9.398mm)

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7 and 8 Pin Tubular Adjustable Manipulation Lock Picks

These tubular lock picks come in 7-pin and 8-pin configurations, and they allow you to adjust the pressure you exert on the picking needle.

Each features a comfortable, slip-resistant rubber handle, and they’re sized to give you the most possible control.

Our tubular lock picks can be used on most vending machine locks, coin-operated washers and dryers, and coin boxes, as well as on several other tubular locks.

If you’d like to learn how to handle tubular locks, we recommend checking out the Easy Pickings Book.

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