Peterson Stainless Slender Set – 0.015

Peterson Stainless Slender Set – 0.015

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Everybody hates a lock blocker!

If narrow keyways are getting in the way of your success, try these Peterson slenders. This set of Peterson’s 0.015″ picks contains 5 of Petersons top pick profiles. You will be surprised how strong they are!


5x Peterson slender government steel picks

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Peterson Stainless Slender Set – 0.015

This was Petersons first offering of slender government steel picks to allow working within narrow keyways. Based on their thinness these picks we produced with a standard profile for strength.


All picks in 0.015 slender government steel.

  1. Diamond
  2. Double Rake
  3. Hook 1
  4. Peterson Gem
  5. Long Ripple

Note: Picks only – no case.

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