Elite 10 Piece – Lock Noob Duo Peak Rake Set

You might already be familiar with the hugely successful rakes made by Multipick in collaboration with YouTuber Lock Noob, namely the ‘Monith‘ and ‘Abona‘.

This set takes those two picks based on the now world-famouspeaks and troughsdesigns, but Lock Noob takes that design to a new level, literally – by differentiating the heights of the peaks. A classic design adapted to solve different problems we encounter as lock pickers.

Alongside the ‘Abona‘ and ‘Monith,’ this set contains the new ‘Druim’ and ‘Teylu’ patterns. With Multipick’s exceptional No 1 Hook pick, you’re basically getting a set of rakes from FIVE PEAKS down to the one in the shape of the hook.

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Elite 10 Piece – Lock Noob Duo Peak Rake Set

In collaboration with Lock Noob, Multipick was able to add two new lock picks to this 10-piece ELITE kit.

In addition to the “Abona” and “Monith” picks which are already known in the range, these are the new “Druim” and “Teylu” rakes.

The upper peaks are much more pronounced here, so they can also reach rear, lower-lying pins. Further, the extended peak makes them more versatile. The ELITE Hook 1 Pick can be used as an “aid” to set unpicked pins.

A range of various tensioners round off this excellent, high-quality rake set.

With a little practice and some rocking and raking, a lock can be opened quickly.

We offer you:

  • The ultimate lock-picks in worldwide unrivalled high-tech quality
  • Finest blades – high-quality spring steel – impeccable workmanship
  • First-class individual design – perfection in every detail
  • 100% Made in Germany –  from Multipick


  • Pick type: Rake
  • Thickness: 0.6mm
  • Length: 122/120mm
  • Weight: 8gr.
  • Blade material: High-quality spring steel
  • Hand grip material: High-quality stainless steel

A genuine leather case with a snap closure protects these precious lock pick tools.


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