Eagles Nest – GSP

Peterson Eagles Nest

The Peterson GSP version of the EAGLES NEST pick set has landed at PickPals.

Proving great things really do come in small packages. The Peterson Eagles Nest is designed for our Pals who want a small, very high quality,  every day carry EDC set that easily fits in a pocket. Amazing quality picks not to mention the amazing padded case.

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Peterson Eagles Nest


  1. 6 High-Quality GSP Picks
  2. 8 Tension Tools including Petersons Pry Bar Set
  3. Beautiful Slimline Case

Don’t be fooled, this is the Government Steel version of Peterson Eagles Nest.

While you can single pick with this set, it has a strong focus on raking.

This is a Government Steel set; which means it is forgiving of harsh treatment. Does it cost a little more? Sure, but this steel will save you money by outlasting most other picks.

The Peterson Eagles Nest Pick Set is designed for our friends who wanted a small, high quality set for normal daily use that comfortably and easily fits in a pocket.


6 Government Steel picks with handles.

DR-GSP – Double Rake
TR-GSP – Triple Rake
PG-GSP – Peterson Gem
H1-GSP – Hook 1
BG1-GSP – Bogie 1 in 0.025
BG2-SS-18 – Bogie 2 in 0.018

Contents: 8 Government Steel tension tools.

PPB-NT – Pry Bar no teeth
PPB-LT-NT – Pry Bar Lite no teeth
Straight 1 TTS-100-5.20 (Legend: Turning Tool – Straight (no flex), 0.100 wide, 5 inches long, 0.020 thick)
Straight 2 TTS-120-4.20
Straight 3 TTS-120-4.30
Straight 4 TTS-120-5.30
Straight 5 TTS-120-4.25
Straight 6 TTS-120-5.25

Awesome EDC Case

This Eagle Series set comes in our often copied padded nylon logo case. Slimline for everyday carry and strong enough to protect your investment! No Logo.


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