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A common question asked is why purchase our picks over the $5 sets manufactured in China. The reason quite simply is: You’ll open more locks!

In this article, we’ll look at the value of owning a high-quality lock pick set, the difference in quality and what this means for you.

Why Buy a Quality Lock Pick Set

Buying quality lock picks made of a quality steel provide much better feedback and efficiency when in use. Hours of research and development goes into the manufacture of lock picks creating pick profiles shaped for optimal use  – the pick profiles are not as random as they look!

PickPals was founded once we realised the difficulty and delays in getting good quality lockpicks for a reasonable price in Australia.

Will my high-quality lock picks last a lifetime?

Nope.  And that’s a good thing. Have a look at any locksport forum and you’ll see that lock sporters see a broken, well-used pick as a badge of honour.  Despite the high quality of the materials used in our lock picks, they are still designed and manufactured for a purpose. Lock picks must be small enough to fit into a lock keyway, be flexible enough to move around and provide feedback to the user. These requirements mean there is a trade off in strength but produces a much more efficient tool.  Remember, lock picking is metal on metal and over time will cause wear.

The use or mistreatment of lock picks will determine the lifespan of your tools, for example, rakes generally have a shorter lifespan based on the technique used when lock picking. With high-quality tools from PickPals and correct use you can expect your tools to far outlast a $5 set from China. This being said regular lock pickers will find they break lock picks from time to time, even expensive ones! Buying a quality lock pick set will provide you with far superior life and enjoyment.

Take our exclusive PickPals Intro lock Pick set for example. This set made by Southord is a quality US spring steel. For over 30 years Southord have been providing professionals, hobbyist and alike with quality tools made to last. For only $29 you can buy the same high-quality tools used and recommended by the pros without breaking the bank.

PickPals Intro Set

The test of time

Our products have been used by our team and the community for a number of years had have stood the test of time. All our products have heaps of reviews to help guide you when buying your high-quality lock picks from PickPals. The reviews are unbiased, non-marketing speak directly from our customers. Use this advice to your advantage when picking your next lock pick set.

PickPals stand by the quality of all products we sell and only provide products that we use ourselves. PickPals is a proud lock pick supplier of quality manufacturers like Southord, Sparrow, Peterson, Brockhage and more.

Remember… stay safe stay legal and enjoy the sport of lock picking.

The team @ PickPals

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