Sparrows Classic Lock Pick Set

The SPARROWS Classic set offers the very best in entry tools.

This set includes two Sparrows bypass drivers, six picks with handles and six tension wrenches of varying widths.

With the Adams Rite Bypass driver and the Padlock Bypass driver your toolkit you will have two of the most effective and commonly used bypass tools.

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Brand Information



The Classic by Sparrows Lock Picks

This selection of picks will cover a very large selection of locks found anywhere from Australian to North American and European locks. These picks have a smooth finish and offer exceptional feedback through the handle. The Sparrows Classic set also includes the Comp Case that will hold all of these tools and converts into a workstation.

This is a professional set and case made from the very best of materials.

Sparrows Classic Contains:

1 x Standard Short Hook
1 x Shallow Euro Hook
1 x Steep Hook
1 x High Reach Hook
1 x Triple Rake
1 x City Rake
1 x Padlock Bypass Driver
1 x Adams Rite Bypass Driver
1 x Comp Case

No Fillers or Doubles

Technical Descriptions

Standard Short Hook

The “Standard short hook” or lifter is the first “go-to” pick in the arsenal. This Pick is more versatile and is used more often than any other pick. It is designed to let the picker feel of the intricacies of the lock and manipulate pins individually. When the pick is used in a raking type technique it is also possible to work several pins at the same time. This pick is good for a wide range of keyway types, and pinning arrangements.

Shallow Euro

The “Shallow Euro” hook is intended for small and restrictive keyways often found in European, and “high security” locks such as Yale and Chubb. The slack curvature and slender profile allows the pick to slide past set pins and through highly restrictive keyways where a standard short hook is too large to do the job.

Steep Hook

The “Steep Hook” is very similar in effect to the high reach tool, but is intended for very restrictive and tight, high security locks. With its downsized, slender profile, it is also very useful in taller Euro style keyways.

High Reach

The “High reach” is designed to access and set very high (or Short) cut pins, that lie directly behind a very “low”(or long) cut pin. The dimple cut at the tip adds extra pin control, especially helpful when attacking the pin from the side.

Triple Peak

The “Triple-Peak” is used on the withdrawal stroke of the making it one of the most effective rakes available. It differs from a traditional rake in the way it functions by using a “ramping” effect similar to bumping. Similar to the double peak with different spacing.

City Rake

The “City Rake” is a standard rake that has proven to be indispensable over the years. This pick does a fantastic job of emulating the key bitings found among most common commercial and residential locks such as Kwickset, Weiser and master.