Peterson Euro Slenders Set – 0.018

Peterson Euro Slenders Set – 0.018

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Petersons have produced a Euro profile lock pick set that includes all 0.018″ thickness picks. Based on the lockpicks of the popular 0.015 profiles, this is the first slender set in 0.018, plus the three new Petersons “Bogies” and the infamous Peterson Gem.


  • 10 Euro Slender Picks – 0.018 Thickness
  • Bundled and Save!



Peterson Euro Slenders PickSet

As always, a great solid set of lock picks from Peterson. These euro slender picks will make a great addition to your existing set and allow you to tackle narrow ‘euro’ style keyways.

Additional Strength

On your first touch, you will feel the quality and strength in these lock picks. The 0.018 allows the picks to still be slender enough for euro keyways while adding that additional strength through the thickness of the picks.


All in euro slender profile – 0.018 thickness

  1. Diamond
  2. Double Rake
  3. Hook 1
  4. Peterson Gem
  5. Long Ripple
  6. Peterson Reach
  7. Hook 7
  8. Bogie 1
  9. Bogie 2
  10. Bogie 3

Back Story

While Ken was in the town of “Sneek” enjoying the ToOol lock picking competition, in November of 2013, (About 2 hours from Amsterdam) an entire classroom demanded that we bring out our stainless at a 0.018″ thickness, to make them more robust for their use in competitions.

Note: Picks only – no case.

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