Pinning Kit 2.0 High-Security (60-pieces)

Excellent locksport pinning kit. For all lock-pickers whose tactile senses still feel underutilized when outwitting the pins in our standard pinning kit, we now have a new, and especially difficult challenge!


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Multipick’s new High-Security Pinning Kit

In this set, we amalgamate the security product imaginations of various cylinder manufacturers, so by combining them, we can enable previously unattainable levels of difficulty!

The most diverse safety pin formations conceivable are included – weights, coils, serrations, levels, hollows (concave), convex types (convex), and to increase the difficulty, some are also supplied in varying lengths in the 60-piece set.

Our goal which was the result of combining these security pins, was to not only increase, but also to multiply the variety of the security pick levels; three differently-wound spring types, which are of course also included in this supplementary set.

All the pins and springs are designed for keyways measuring 3 mm in diameter, which are common to most manufacturers- so the possibility to increase the picking of security cylinders with the contents of this set is certainly not only limited to training cylinders.

Of course, these pins and springs are also supplied in a small re-closable hard box!


  • 10x housing pins
  • 35x security pins
  • 15x springs
  • 1x allen key 2mm
  • 1x small plastic storage box

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