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Beginners Guide to Lock Picking – Part 2

In this video we discuss, how locks work. Take a look while we deconstruct a lock to see what’s inside. Knowing how locks work is the fist step to understanding how to pick a lock.

Tools and locks used in this video:

  1. Progressive Locks
  2. Pinning Tweezers


Judging from the emails that I’ve been getting lately from New Zealand and Australia, it looks like lock sport and lock picking, the hobby is just growing like wildfire.  I get emails from guys saying where can I get an inexpensive quality kit that doesn’t break the bank when it comes to shipping.  When I send emails to these guys trying to answer the questions, I find the cheap kit and say North America or Europe and then I find out it’s going to cost $40 or $50 to ship it down there.  That’s crazy talk.  So, I went on the internet and I found this company; PickPals.  There’s his website.  I get the impression he’s probably the biggest lock pick supplier in the region.  Prominently on his front page is a pick kit that he apparently designed this and had SouthOrd put it together.  It’s a proprietary kit.  You notice there’s no model number or anything on there.  It is standard leather snap case and inside of there, are three of the most popular picks and a couple of tension wrenches.  Get the price out of the way.  For $25 Australian, which works out to I want to say around $16 or $17 US just for comparison.  As I said, you get these two tension wrenches and then you get these stainless steel picks.  These are all SouthOrd.  You get, one of my favorites a rake.


All beginners love rakes because it works so quickly to get locks opened.  You get a very nicely shaped standard or short hook and then you get a pretty flexible pick.  This is a half diamond and you can use this to rake locks.  You can use it to zip locks open or kinetically attack them, or if you have dimple locks, you can insert it sideways and pick your dimple locks using that little tip, so a pretty flexible little kit.  You know, if after a while you decide you’re really not interesting in lock pickin’ you don’t have a second mortgage on your house to pay for that giant pick kit, you just have this.  On the other hand, if you decide you really do like lock picking, again, you don’t have to mortgage your house or sell the title to your car in order to pay for it because PickPals, right next to the advertisement for this kit, sales what he calls the expansion kit.  This sells for, I think it was $18 Australian and I want to say that’s around $13 US, again, for comparison.  Let me take a look at these.  Again, these are all SouthOrd stainless steel picks.  You get a city rake and this is for rocking open locks, very quick on simple locks, to get into.  You get another hook.  You might say, “Well, I’ve already got one hook, why do I need another one?”  That’s because this is a different one.  This is the Euro profile hook.  You’ll notice the tip of that is much finer.  Let’s compare them just so you can see what I’m talking about.


Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Here’s the comparison. The standard hook on the bottom and then the Euro profile.  It’s got just a little bit deeper to get a little bit more reach up inside of that lock, and you can fit it into smaller keyways  So, as you advance and get into more high-security locks, that’s probably the go-to pick.  Then, you get a ball hook.  I’m sorry, a ball pick.  If you were going to rake open say wafer locks or double wafer locks, this is the pick of choice.  You can insert it, you can rake the top, and then you can rake the bottom.  You don’t have to pull it out, turn it over, and put it back in like you do with say a half ball.  Great pick for getting into wafer locks very, very quickly.  Last but not least, you get another tensioner.  This one’s kind of a specialized tensioner.

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