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Okay. What is the difference between a single pin pick and a rake?

It’s pretty easy, guys. I’d like you to think of single pin picking as like using a rifle. Each one of these things is designed with just one little hook of some kind on the end. They’re pretty much all called hooks. They come in lots of different sizes and shapes. You can see the different shapes on the end there. But the idea is, you are only dealing with one pin at a time. You’re only setting one pin at a time. A rake, on the other hand, is more like a shotgun. What you’re trying to do is set a whole lot of pins almost at random. All of these things have more than one hook on them, more than one peak. You can see this one here is called a Bogata has three peaks (after the mountain range in Columbia).

This is called a city rake, because it looks kind of like a city skyline. This one here is one of the proprietary Sparrows ones. It’s kind of like a snake. Those are designed to deal with more than one pin at once at random. There’s just one other one you got to see here, guys. This is a thing called a half diamond. Let me bring that up there so you can see that a little better. This is the pick where it all began. This is the one that’s about 100 years old now, and this one’s a special case, because it can be used for both things. It’s a rake and it’s a pick. That’s the difference, fellows. Shotguns. This is rifles.

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