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To be a prepper means to stay ready and survive. Now’s the opportunity to hone or pick up survival skills, especially with all the time you have at home. You likely know how to build shelter, hunt, and such if you’re a survivalist – but what about lockpicking? 

People often associate lock picking (yes… we’ve heard it all) to shady or illegal activity, but lockpicking can actually be a life-saving skill. Thankfully, it’s also one that’s easy to learn for people regardless of backgrounds. For preppers, there are lockpicking kits designed to challenge your survival skills. Take a look at these!

🔑 The Sparrows Vorax Kit

This lockpicking kit already shows serious business at first glance. It comes with a camo case made with double-stitching for added durability. You can smoothly open the case thanks to then nylon zipper in black, which pairs well with the camo design. 

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Inside, you’ll see fourteen picks with thermal handles for easier handling. Each one was made with .025 stainless steel for durability. You get tension wrenches that are twisted to give your hands flex while lockpicking. Rake picks of several designs, such as the worm, the snake, and the half-diamond, are also available to fit into different keyways. 

Sparrows Vorax

Other features include the five-comb pick set, a laser-engraved Sandman Pick, a five-comb pick set, and another Sandman pick but with the XXL size. Looking at this variety of picks, you’ll see how the Vorax kit really caters to preppers. After all, you need to stay ready for whatever keyway that comes your way.

🔑 The Sparrows EOD

Now you also have another option if the Vorax case isn’t your style or you prefer rake picks. Sparrows made the EOD kit with fast entry in mind, which is why raking – the fastest lockpicking method – is its focus. If you’re a prepper who prefers timed challenges or engages in lock sport, this one’s for you.

Sparrow EOD

The kit comes in a tan or khaki case that houses six lockpicks and six tension wrenches made for various keyways. The EOD also comes with minis: a Mini Door Jim to open door hatches quickly, and a Mini Knife for opening luggage and briefcase locks. You also get a wafer pick for opening file cabinets and wafer locks.

If you’re curious about the acronym, the kit is named after the Explosive Ordnance Disposal army specialists, which have specific entry and tool requirements in their line of work. Sparrows tapped members of the military in creating the kit to ensure even EOD teams can use it. For instance, these army specialists can be tasked with sweeping an area to ensure the security of an event. In doing a search of an area, doors, baggage, or anything shut has to be opened quickly

🔒 Skills On Lock

After reading about these kits, you can see the appeal they have for preppers. The assortment of picks you get with each kit enables you to practice how quickly or how well you can unlock a specific lock. Many survivalists believe that picking locks is a skill you’d rather have and not need, rather than a skill you need and not have. You’d rather not imagine yourself in the latter, would you? Waste no time and get these skills in your EDC – you don’t know when you’ll need them!

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