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Michael reviews the dimple style lock, how they work and how you can lockpick a dimple lock.

Make sure you grab yourself some dimple locks and dimple picks and give it a go!

Lock Picking Dimple Locks

The lock that you can see in front of you there is a thing called a dimple lock. These are very common in certain parts of the world. You don’t see them so much in Australia and New Zealand. They are particularly common in Israel. Don’t ask me why. This Yardeni is a pretty typical Israeli lock. They are very similar to an ordinary pin tumbler lock in that they have got pins that come down from the top like this, but catches the key. Instead of going vertically into the lock like that, it goes horizontally in that way. Instead of having the bitting on the top, we’ve got some dimples cut down the side of the key there. These locks pick in much the same way that a standard pin tumbler lock does. A little bit more difficult, it has to be said, but the principles are the same. The pick is completely different. You use a thing called a flag pick, which is something like this. You can see that, like its name suggests, it’s the shape of the little wee flag. These are really fun locks to pick. They are definitely a skill level up from a pin tumbler lock, and they are not for a beginner, but once you’ve mastered pin tumblers, these are a next step to go.

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