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A history of locks, security, manipulation and an art.

Lock Picking has been around for hundreds of years, it is as old as the lock itself.

So the story goes, an English engineer by the name of Joseph Bramah created a lock he was so confident couldn’t be picked he published the design and created a contest with a reward for anybody who could bypass the security features of this new design. His legacy continues today with the sport of Lock Picking also known as Lock Sport.

The sport of Lock Picking became more mainstream in the 80’s, supposedly a group at MIT in the US came together weekly to practice the skill. Lock Picking is now coming out of the dark, and is rapidly gaining momentum throughout Australian and New Zealand.

Lock Picking is fun, totally addictive and provides many other benefits, it increases your fine motor skills, patience, and concentration. The sport of Lock Picking is now enjoyed by thousands of people around the world with a growing number here in Australia & New Zealand.

The participants of the sport of Lock Picking are ethical and follow a very strict code of conduct. Lock Picking, like any other sport requires a lot of skill, patience, and dedication. We would even go so far to say lock picking is an art, not something you will find used by criminals or alike.

So who’s into Lock Picking and Lock Sport?

The first thought when people come across lock picking is that it is for criminals, generally, it is portrayed this way in the movies. This simply isn’t true! Lock Pickers are men and women of all ages, people who enjoy games and puzzles, as well as military members, preppers and those tinkers who just like to know how things work are just some of the folks who enjoy the sport. Hobbyists and enthusiasts sharing a common interest now meet yearly to put there lock picking skills against each other.

Lock Picking is very addictive, there is no other feeling like popping (opening) your first lock and you will be hungry for more.

Lock Picking as a Sport

There are competitions held all over the world. Those who are up for the challenge attend events and contests to test their skills against other lock pickers. The best part is you don’t even need to leave the house to practice this sport!

At PickPals we try to support the sport of Lock Picking (Lock Sports) and promote the positive side of the sport, so that the people of Australia and New Zealand can enjoy it. In no way do we or anyone else involved in the sport condone any sort of criminal activity.

Lock Picking, not for criminals

Criminals are opportunists and are not walking around with lock picks ready to tackle a lock. Criminals act on impulsive using blunt force methods of entry, which are much simpler than picking the lock. Australia insurance statics back this up with the most common method of entry being smashing down a door or a window.

Ok, so you’re ready to learn about how lock picking works? Check out our guide.

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