Peterson Ken’s Pick Set – GSP


Peterson Ken’s Pick Set – GSP

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Peterson Ken’s Pick Set

Ken’s pick set, from the man himself, Ken Peterson.

Everything you need in a lock pick set that you can carry in your pocket. This remarkably valuable set includes a collection of our most frequently chosen picks. In highest quality Government Steel.


  1. 10 Peterson Lock Picks
  2. 5 Tention tools
  3. Leather Snap Case



Peterson Ken’s Pick Set

Ken’s Pick Set is designed for those who need an alternative to carrying a full line of our tools.

Ken’s Lock Pick Set features

  • Ultra-thin Slender Gem pick for paracentric locks,
  • saw-tooth key extractor.
  • FLAT-5 serrated tension tools
  • Government Steel (DCAP-3) low-shank profile picks for deep tumblers.
  • All wrapped up in a snap lock leather case, which makes carrying and transportation easy.

Packed in a snap-close leather case, this exclusive set puts the essential arsenal you need for the first line of attack right in your shirt pocket.

Be ready with the best selection of tools. We are sure this is going to be a hit with our Pals at this price! This is a set our President is proud to put his name on.

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