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The Tracking number is entered automatically. Occasionally, Australia Post changes the reference numbers and what is scanned will show incorrectly. Simply use the last 12 digits of the code. For example: Tracking Number 01495170851017 should be 495170851017.
  • Don't get frustrated
  • Make sure you don’t apply to much pressure with the tension bar that is the key! (No pun intended).
  • Reset the lock with the key every now and again in case you have the pins stuck.
Need a little help from a friend? PickPals -- PickPals Australian Lock Sport Guild -- Australia LockSport Guild Those guys are always talking about their locks and projects.
I'm looking to get some basic picks. I'm looking for a set suitable for opening all pin and tumbler locks, through raking or SPP. I'll mostly be doing padlocks and door locks. Can you recommend a product at or under $50? That’s an easy one, if you're not sure where to start the PickPals Intro Set is a great set without outlaying to much money. Very popular and a great start to your set, you can expand from here. However if you want a great set the Nine pce slim set is my pick. I have the 22 pce of this set. These are great picks with metal handles and provide great feedback for only $45 delivered. Guide to Lock Pick Sets Australia

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Missing your order confirmation or tracking number? Check your spam folder and add to your safe list. Still got a question, comment, or concern about PickPals or lock picking tools? Just shoot us an enquiry below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Still got a question, comment, or concern about PickPals or lock picking tools? Just shoot us an enquiry below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.