PickPals Progressive Bundle


PickPals Progressive Bundle

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C-801 SouthOrd – C801 – Nine Piece Slim Line Lock Pick Set
$USD 35.48

1 x Southord Nine Piece Slim Line Lockpick Set

Designed for narrower keyways often found of european-style locks.The reduced height and width of the SouthOrd C801 Nine piece slim line lockpick set works beautifully on pin tumbler locks with small or narrow keyways, whilst the thickness and reinforced handles provide strength.Includes:
  1. Seven different picks with metal handles - 0.022
  2. Two tension tools
  3. Snapover top grain leather case.

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Sparrows Progressive Locks
$USD 49.96

1 x Sparrows Progressive Locks

4 Piece Set of Practice Progressive Locks!

This set comes with 4 lock configurations,  including a 2 pin, 3 pin, 4 pin and 5 pin standard keyway lock.A progressive lock set, help you learn to lock pick by providing locks that get progressively harder.

In stock

PickPals Progress Bundle

Over $100 of Value!!

Want to give locking picking a go? Want an extended range of Picks and Locks to practice on? Get your hands on this Progressive Bundle. Containing the very popular Nine Piece Lock Pick Set and Four Piece set of Progressive locks.

The locks get progressively harder to pick as your skills develop.

Plus, EXPRESS Shipping straight to your door.

    1. The very popular nine piece set.
    2. 4 Piece Set of Practice Locks!



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