Petersons Kiwi Pick Set – GSP


Petersons Kiwi Pick Set – GSP

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Peterson’s Kiwi Pick Set was developed with assistance from regional experts in New Zealand. This world-class set is specifically designed to provide you with the tools you need to conquer any lock, anywhere.

High-End GSP Model: Government Steel, Plastic Handle.

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Peterson provide the best quality tools to security professionals and enthusiasts in every corner of the world, even for our Kiwi friends! The Petersons Kiwi Pick Set is amazing set with such a range of tools it’ll suit any Locksmith or hobbyist in New Zealand and Australia.

Our unique world

When it comes to variety, Australia and New Zealand has it all. From North American designs, to Euro formats, to Asian imports, the locksmiths of south of the equator see it all.

From Ken himself:

“I received a rather pointed e-mail regarding my errors in mixing the terms of “Down Under” “Kiwi” and New Zealand in our description. It was made clear to me that there are many differences between the countries of NZ and AU. I am not sure if any forgiveness can be found in blending those two countries as a region, but we find that many lock pickers in the USA, England, and Canada also purchase this outstanding set.”