PickPals Intro Lock Pick Bundle Plus


PickPals Intro Lock Pick Bundle Plus

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1 x PickPals Intro Lock Pick Set

The PickPals Introductory Lock Pick Set offers a number of standard picks, perfect for beginners.

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$USD 15.16

1 x PickPals Expansion Pick Set

The PickPals Expansion set is the perfect next compliment to the PickPals Introductory Set. This set provides three additional picks and one additional tension wrench.

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clear practice lock
$USD 35.37

1 x Clear Practice Lock

Clear Practice Lock - A training lock for newbies. This transparent practice core lets you see exactly how the pin tumbler lock works, and get a feel for manipulating the pins.

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Lock Pick Guide
$USD 10.83

1 x Easy Pickings: A self-Teaching Manual to the Technique of Lock Picking

Easy-to-understand lock picking manual that covers the basic types of locks as well as an overview of different lock picks and lock picking methods.

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PickPals Intro Lock Pick Bundle

Over $115 of Value

Curious about how locks work? Want to know how to pick a lock? Love puzzles, or maybe you just like to tinker. Then lock picking is for you.

This Lock Pick Bundle has it all, our very popular Intro Lock Pick Set, Clear Practice Lock, Lock Picking Learning Guide and EXPRESS Shipping, straight to your door. All bundled up so you save $$$!


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Everything you need to learn how to pick locks! Perfect for a beginner these pro quality tools will have you addicted to lock picking in no time!


  1. Our PickPals exclusive Intro Lock Pick Set including leather case.
  2. PickPals Expansion Set
  3. Clear Practice Lock
  4. Easy Pickings Guidebook &
  5. FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING – Australia and New Zealand
  6. Free Global Shipping

Check out the video review of our Intro Lock Pick Set on youtube.