A1 – Spinnakur Plug Spinner

A1 – Spinnakur Plug Spinner

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A1 Spinnakur Plug Spinner

Picked the lock in the wrong direction? This plug spinner will solve your problem. Featuring left or right rotation, push-button release, and a new durable spring mechanism.

  • Features a welded spring/shaft connection
  • Left and right rotation
  • High quality: Made to last
  • Compact size: Fits in your shirt pocket/pick case.


A1 Spinnakur Plug Spinner

Top Quality Plug Spinner

So you’ve spent 30 minutes picking the lock only to find out you’ve applied tension in the wrong direction? $h*t

With this high-quality plug spinner, you no longer need to guess the direction the barrel turns. Unlike other similar spinners of this type, this spinner features a welded spring/shaft connection.  Other similar spinners have epoxy at this critical connection point, as a result, this plug spinner will have a far greater lifespan than many others.

This A1 Spinnakur Plug spinner fits beautifully in the Southord C2010 case. Yes they are not cheap, but neither is your time. Make sure you have your plug spinner when you’re in a tricky spot.

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