Sparrows Plug Followers

Sparrows Plug Followers

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Sparrows Plug Followers

This set of four anodised aluminum plug followers by Sparrows. Designed to fit the vast majority of different sizes that you will run into.

Sizes 0.5, 0.55, 0.498, 0.398

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Sparrows Plug Followers

Warning, do not take a lock apart without these tools! Sparrows Plug Followers are made of anodized aluminium and are virtually indestructable. The set of 4 will fit the most common of locks sizes.

If you want to take a lock apart, Sparrow’s plug followers are a handy tool to have. A plug follower is placed into the lock housing while you remove the core.


You can try removing the core without a plug follower but be prepared to see springs and pins flying everywhere. Trust me it’s not worth it!


  • 0.5
  • 0.55
  • 0.498
  • 0.398

Made from Anodized Aluminium

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