Peterson Hook 1

Peterson Hook 1

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Peterson Hook 1 – Single Pick

Petersons Euro version – Black Handles – Thickness 0.025

Are you encountering more Euro Style Keyways? Our new GSP (Government Steel Plastic) and Series Picks are made to our “EURO” design approach that incorporates a reduced “shank” height for easier pick access into keyways that were designed to be restrictive.

Peterson Picks: For people who take picking seriously.


Available in Government Steel in Black Plastic Handles.

You will find the picking results from this small change to be dramatic.

We then added to our line up select profiles with proven effectiveness against European cylinders.

As a bonus you will find that the light weight of these picks give incredible feedback to the user.

And to make it even better: Our new secret tumble / polish process smoothly rounds the edges of these picks.

This smoothness within the lock will make you wonder if these picks have ball bearings!

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