Sparrows Clear Practice Lock


Sparrows Clear Practice Lock

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Learn the workings of locks and lock picking with this quality clear practice lock.

This clear practice lock  is a great quality training lock for newbies. The transparent practice core lets you see exactly how the pin tumbler lock works, and get a feel for manipulating the pins.

standard pin lock the high-low biting of the pins provides that edge of difficulty for those who want a challenge.

Difficultly level: 6


Sparrows Clear Practice Lock

This see-through pin-tumbler clear practice lock lets you see what is happening while you attempt to compromise the lock. You will gain a better understanding of how and why a lock can be picked and how your actions manipulate the pins – improving your own performance at locking picking.

If you want to see all the movement of the pins and springs a clear Acrylic shell is the only way. This is a polished molded shell featuring pins and springs designed specifically for this lock.
The result is a very clear view, comfortably hold and realistic lock picking action.

That is the most important part of this lock – the action and feedback is very similar to that of a real lock.
Another great this lock can be used by both left and right-handed students. Finally, the visual aspect of a clear lock makes it easier to see the pins. Even with a cutaway window looking at small brass pins in a brass frame can be difficult for some.

Available with either standard or High Security pins

Standard Pins – As the name suggests these are normal tube pins and this is where you want to start if you are new to lock picking.
Spool Pins – Shaped like roman columns these high security pins with shift and bind in the lock – get ready to learn what a false set is.
Serrated pins – The worst of the batch and the hardest of these locks to pick. Serrated pins constantly catch the sheer line binding and stopping your progress.

Making Learning to Lock Pick Easier

PickPals endorses this practice lock as a learning and educational tool, whether its sitting on the couch watching a movie or you just want to zone out, this lock will keep you entertained for hours. This lock is keyed in a difficult manner, with alternating high and low pins, this fact means that the lock is difficult to pick despite the visibility. Great value for money.

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